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 Regulatory Overreach

 Recently, government lawyers told a skeptical three-judge panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals that the unprecedented attempt by the IRS to regulate tax preparers was based on the Horse Act of 1884, which dealt with horses lost or killed in the Civil War.


 The subject of regulatory overreach also surfaced when the Obama administration unilaterally delayed, altered or refused to enforce provisions of Obamacare. Neither the president nor the IRS had the legal right to do so.

 Despite these colorful examples, it's difficult to get people interested in regulatory overreach. Compared to blocking 90-year old World War II veterans from visiting their memorial, overregulation seems technical and remote.

 Perhaps this will help: Reach into your pocket and pull out $5,732.48. Now hand it over to the feds. That is your share of the cost of federal regulations this year alone - not counting state and local regulations. The feds don't deduct the money from your paycheck - you pay it in higher prices and lost productivity as hundreds of billions of dollars a year are spent complying with regulations instead of hiring people and producing products.

 Of course, we need reasonable regulations to protect consumers and ensure public safety. But the federal regulatory machine is running amok.

 The Washington Post reports that the federal government imposed some $216 billion in new regulatory costs in 2012 alone.

 Much of the economic impact is due to rules issued by the Environmental Protection Agency setting limits on greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants - part of President Obama's climate change legislation that failed to make it through Congress. Having failed in the Legislative Branch, the president unilaterally implemented the law through Executive Branch regulations. The National Association of Manufacturers estimates the regulations will drain a minimum of a $100 billion a year from the economy. Those are American jobs that are being flushed.

 Too often, federal bureaucrats complicate things even when they try to simplify them. For example, in 2012, the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau moved to simplify the mortgage process. The rules run an astonishing 1,099 pages.

But that's nothing.  Obamacare reportedly has 20,000 pages of rules - and counting. Medicare has 132,000 pages of rules.

It's not just the final rules that cause heartburn. Employers must track tens of thousands of proposed rules and regulations each year, analyzing impacts, testifying at hearings and providing formal written comments.

 How many rules are we talking about?

 The Federal Register lists proposed and final rules, notices, corrections and presidential documents. According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the 1939 Federal Register was 2,620 pages long. The 2012 version ran 78,961 pages. Over the last 20 years alone, the Register has published 1.43 million pages of regulations.

Regulatory Control

 Everyone with even a half a brain knows that the federal government is out of control and continues to overreach in its power grab, while completely disregarding the Constitution, states rights, and individual rights and liberties.

 The federal government, has its tyrannical hand in every facet of our lives, no matter how mundane it may seem, right down to regulating our toilet seat.

 The following is just a small list of the encroachment on states rights.

  1. Control of Health-Care  -  Everyone has heard about the “affordable” care act, better known as Obama care. Obama care is clearly, unconstitutional (no matter what some judges in the supreme court say), and is nothing more than a power grab by the federal government to control your health-care choices and to make you pay for it.
  2. Control of Education  -  Common core, is another clear example of the federal governments overreaching attempt to control every part of our lives from our birth to the day we die. The federal government has no right to interfere or delegate state educational policy. Yet, here we are with the federal bureaucracy, trying to push its way into our lives…
  3. Control of All Police Including Local Departments  -  This is one of the most recent (and very dangerous) federal power grab attempts, fortunately this isn’t a done deal yet, but if the federal government has its way they will soon have control over all law enforcement agencies in America. This included your local police and sheriff departments. If you look at history, this is always one of the first steps taken before dictatorial rule is implemented and enforced. Done by justice department implementing federal control after charging racial bias.
  4. Control of The Internet  -  They want control of the internet, so that they can shut-down free speech and our ability to use the internet to spread the truth, alternative views, information and our ability to organize and thus effectively, fight against their various power grabs and attacks on the Constitution and American people…
  5. The internet isn’t broken, and doesn’t need the federal government via the FCC and Net Neutrality to come in and “fix-it
  6. Economic Control  -  The federal government controls every facet of the U.S. economy via regulations, taxes and threats. There are thousands of laws and regulations, far to many to get into here, but if you do a little research on your own, it is easy to see that “They Own It All (Including You)!: By Means of Toxic Currency“.

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