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How Big Should Government Be ?

  Under the current system of Baseline Budgeting the federal government is on a perpetual growth cycle. It is growing at a rate which can not be sustained. At present the government (local, state and federal) is spending at a rate over 40% of GDP. The federal contribution alone is over 20%  and is rising.

   It is our belief that total federal government spending should never be over 13% total of GDP and that the local, and state governments should provide the bulk of the spending, not the federal government.

   This spending should break down as 13% of GDP maximum for federal spending (except in time of  a legally declared war), 15% maximum of the states individual GDP  for state spending and  12% maximum of the local communities GDP. This spending should include a provision for operating on zero based budgeting and balanced budgets federally, state wise and community wise.

  We believe that this would leave more money in the private sector of the economy for investment in enterprises which would grow the economy.

Conservatarian Party Platform

   We believe that The Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)  is one of the greatest travesties of government perpetrated on the American People of all time. Not only was it jammed through against the peoples will, it will become the greatest drain on the American capitalistic economic system in the history of this country. There is no secret that the majority of the legislators who voted for this monstrosity not only never read the act, but did not really care about any of  the economic consequences either. The bill itself was over 2,700 pages  and the regulations written as of March 2013 have raised this to over 5,100 pages and growing. This act will most likely dwarf  the tax code in its complexity and understanding while costing the government (we the people) trillions of dollars, it will most likely bring down the economy of the United States just as such programs have destroyed the economies of  those other country's which have tried it.  The affordable Care Act should be repealed. The government needs to get out of the healthcare business, this includes dictating either federally or locally what specifically should or should not be covered in  an individual insurance policy. Allow the free market to provide policies nationally with provisions selected by the individual, much as persons select their cable television content.

  We believe that legal immigration has been a tenant of  the growth of American Society since America’s inception.  Illegal immigration is just as stated, illegal (against the law), no matter what the circumstances or motivations of the person committing the illegal act. Persons who are here illegally should not be rewarded for their disregard of our laws, should not be rewarded with citizenship for their breaking the law, and certainly not offered citizenship ahead of those persons trying to immigrate to this country legally.

  We believe that there are many agencies and departments which could be eliminated in the government. There are in excess of 1,300 agencies and departments in the federal government, many of which could and should either be eliminated or dissolved in their entirety. If we reduced our pension costs federally by 1/4, reduced our federal healthcare costs by 1/2, cut our welfare spending by 1/2 and eliminated the department of education , we the people would save over $1,024,930,000. This alone would mean at the present budget we would not have deficit spending. In fact we would be able to start paying off the debt. As an example we could eliminate the TSA and let the airports, airlines and those persons who fly provide the security they feel is needed, rather than a blotted federal police force which has demonstrated it disrespect for the American public.

  We believe that all persons are created equal and should have equal rights and opportunities. We do not believe that equal rights means being able to redefine words such as marriage (a union between one man and one woman), instead persons of other persuasions can have civil unions which convey the same legal rights as a marriage.  We do not believe that equal opportunity means equal outcomes.

  We believe that GOD and religion were strong tenants in the establishment of this country. As such the discussion of, practice of and dissemination of religion is not confined in any way. This includes government buildings, schools, and other governmental operations and entities which may receive governmental funding. We do believe that the government can not establish  (to institute (as a law) permanently by act or agreement) a national religion. The freedom of religion does not mean the freedom from religion, just as the freedom of speech does not mean the freedom from being offended by that speech.

  See Economic Views, Federal Reserve, Regulations, Social Issues, Guns, GLT rights, Immigration, Government, Government Agencies, Congress, and Constitutional Amendments for more on specific topics.

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