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Party Platform

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What is a Platform Really ?

  It is nothing more than a series of positions used to promote the ideas, ideals and stances of a political party. They are usually carefully worded manifestos which try to appeal to  voters by touching on topics which may be important to them. The individual topics are usually referred to as “Planks”.

  The problem with the current political party platforms is that they are documents which espouse ideas which the candidates of that party seldom, if ever, really believe in or actually use once they are elected. For example, Republican’s are for lower taxes, yet they continually raise taxes and call them fees, and just recently raised tax rates. Democrat’s talk about deficits and than ignore the deficits as they spend this country into oblivion.

We believe that the platform should be a concise representation of the values and principals of the party and that those members of the party should promote those values and principals. We expect our candidates to believe in these values and principals as much as we do and fight for these shared virtues in the political and public arena.

Conservatarian Party Platform

 We believe that this country was founded on Judeo Christen values with a Constitution and Bill of Rights inspired by these values. The Constitution as written is as relevant today as the day it was written and ratified by the countries founders. The founders words and writings pertaining to the Constitution and the Bill of rights are as relevant today with respect to our understanding of their motivations, concerns , and fears for the Republic as they were when they were written.

   We believe that this country was founded on capitalist economic principals and that the least amount of government interference in the operation of commerce is the best for the economic health of the country. This does not mean no regulation is required, but very little is required and the free market should prevail with respect to regulations. The government has no place in the supporting of or financing (bailing out) of businesses. This includes getting into the insurance business, home mortgage business, student loan business, health care business and funding research (except in the case of national defense) business . There should be a limit on lawsuits which are frivolous and used purely to punish or delay commerce, perhaps loser pays would be a good start.

  We believe that laws should be written in a manner that includes the regulations and must be read by the legislators prior to their passage. No law should give to a bureaucratic department or agency the ability to write its own regulations. No person, governmental entity including congress, the president or federal employees should be exempted from any law. No agency or department should be created which lasts more than 4 years without a required review of the agency or department to ascertain whether that department or agency is really effective in accomplishing its function. After such a review no department or agency will continue in existence without being renewed by congress. The one exception to its length of creation is the Department of Defense.

   We believe that the present progressive tax system should be eliminated and some form of a of flat tax be instituted in its place. If all citizens have some form of monetary skin in the game than they are more likely to be participants in the electoral process and in limiting the size of government. No group of people should be exempted from paying some amount for the operation of the government and they certainly should not get dividends in the form of tax refunds greater than amounts they have paid. A flat tax would eliminate this travesty of the present tax code.

  We believe that the government should be required to operate on a balanced budget and should go to a zero based budget process as opposed to the current  baseline budgeting process.  If we go to zero based budgeting those departments and agencies which are inefficient or not accomplishing the required assignments can be more easily reigned in. It also allows for the elimination and review of programs and expenditures which are wasteful, duplications or not required. It also helps in achieving a balanced budget by prioritizing expenditures.

  We are a compassionate people and realize that due to circumstances there are people who need help in their lives. This could be in the form of financial, food or housing types of help. However if this help is provided by the government out of taxpayer funds there should be something expected in return, it should not come without requirements to provide something in return. Perhaps for every $20.00 in assistance provided the person or persons receiving the benefit should be required to provide 1 hours worth of service (work) for the benefit.


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