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The Party Goals

   A little History

As one is starting a new political party, which I believe is needed, it must be realized that it will take time and support  to gain traction against the forces of the established Republican and Democrat parties. While we would prefer to be a majority subset of the GOP, if the establishment GOP will not change than we need to become an independent party.

  It should be understood that this country has always been in reality a two party system, Although of late I believe it has evolved into a one party system pretending to be two separate parties.

  In the beginning there were the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist (Democrat-Republican) parties. This lasted for a while until about 1816 to 1820 when the Federalist party lost support. Around 1824 to 1828 the Anti-Federalists (Republican-Democrat) split apart and became The Wigs(Republican side of the Anti-Federalist party)  and the Democrat party.

  About 1850’s the Wig party fell in disarray and became the Republican party supported mostly in the North and Northeast, while the Democrat party had its major support in the South and Mid-west. Slavery became the defining issue of difference (Democrat party supporting slavery and Republican party against slavery).

  About 1933 we begin the political parties as one sees them today. With the exception for the Regan years it is perhaps best described as moving liberal (progressive) and becoming very liberal (Democrat) and liberal-lite (Republican).

  As can be seen parties fracture, change, and reform as time moves on. I believe that the Republican party has become nothing but a subset of the Democrat party with the majority of the American people left without a party which represents their morals, convictions and preferences. This can be seen and demonstrated by how many times a politician will change parties in an effort to get elected, but has not really changed his/her beliefs.

  I believe that the majority of the political elitist ruling class in this country perceive the American people as mindless trolls who can be manipulated,  made fools of and controlled.  Perhaps the results of the last presidential election demonstrate that they are right, but I do not believe this is really the truth.

  It is time for the new second party to emerge called the CONSERVATARIAN party which knows that Progressivism(Liberalism, Communism, Fascism or Socialism) has been tried many times and has always proven to be unsuccessful, while Capitalism, Freedom, and liberty has been tried and proven to be very successful .


  Nothing can be accomplished and become a reality without Goals. The more aggressive the Goals the more which can be accomplished. However some realism is required.

For these goals to be met it will take the moral, vocal, enthusiastic, and monetary support of those persons of like convictions to the values which has made this the greatest, most free, and most benevolent country in the world.

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