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   It has been stated that a conservatarian (a name purportedly attributed to Dr. Tim Nerenz) is a combination of the attributes of a conservative TEA Party member and a libertarian. This is basically true, although I believe a conservatarian is a little right of a Tea Party conservative and a little left of a libertarian. Or perhaps stated more eloquently, a conservatarian is a modern constitutional originalist.

   A conservatarian believes in the constitution as it was written and believes that if one wants changes to the document there is a way to accomplish this without just circumventing it or as done of late just ignoring it.

   A conservatarian understands that this country is not a democracy, but is a representative republic. As such it is not governed by the ever changing whims of a vocal majority or a more vocal minority. Instead it should be governed by the individual states where those in that particular state can govern according to the states majority will, with the least amount of federal intervention possible and in comportment with the Constitution of the United States. This is why the founders enumerated the federal powers and left everything else to the states. Thus persons of like minds are able to congregate in those states which fit their individual morals and mind set, while those with different morals or mind sets are free to congregate in another state which fits their preferences.(In more modern vernacular different states with different stokes for different folks.)

   Consequently a new party called the CONSERVATARIAN  Party for those persons who are not in love with any of the major political parties in existence currently.


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If you believe these things and more, you are most likely a: CONSERVATARIAN.

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